Tree Top Trials at Craufurdland Country Estate

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Probably the best new Highwire Obstacle course in Scotland, 3 Experiences. Has something for every ability and age from age 5yrs to 99yrs.
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About Tree Top Trials at Craufurdland Country Estate
Tree Top Trials - Highwire Obstacle course, has 3 experiences, something for everyone – well as long as you like heights - 1. The Explorer, 2.The Pioneer and 3. The Hero
1. The Explorer age 5- 10
The Explorer specifically designed for children as young as 5 years comprises of 14 obstacles. It starts from The Laird’s Lair has from swinging platforms, Ziplines, a wall climb and postman’s walk to name a few.

2. The Pioneer Experience is aimed at age 9 +
The Pioneer Experience consists of 4 Zones, The Squirrel, The Spider, Buzzard and Adder, and is approx 2 hours experience from check in to finish.
The spider starts with a 3-meter climb (the height of a 2 storey building) to the web and finishing a zip to ground.
Meanwhile, Buzzard takes you 6 meters up onto the fisherman’s bride and across drive using hanging vines and the heart-stopping Tarzan swings into a cargo net.
The Adder takes you up to 6 m starting with a log swing finishing with the thrilling fast zip to ground

The Hero – age 13+
The Hero starts off as the pioneer and 2 more adrenaline-packed zones, (The Stoat and The Mighty Eagle)- definitely for the faint-hearted.
The stoat starts with our fabulous straight 12-meter tree climb with a variety of climbing grips that ends with dinging the bell 12 meters above the ground.
The Mighty Eagle is a 12-meter chimney climb and a couple of more meters up a tree, then onto a log bride at 14meter high. To the right, 4 Zebulon's (spring-mounted platforms) or the left choose to dangle on the stirrups then leap the Adam and Eve leap of faith (remember you are now 14 meters high). In true Hollywood style, the hand arrives at the final platform, where you connect to the quick jump for the final free-fall descent back down to earth.
Safety is always at the forefront of our minds therefore we use a continuous belay system which is easy and simple for all users. You simply slide the safety line from one of the obstacles to the next along the safety wire, no need to click on and click off between activities.
Tree Top Trials opens every day from 9 am – 4 pm (daylight and weather permitting*)
Opening Hours
Sat - 09:00-14:00
Sun - 09:00-14:00
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