Hilltop Route


This 4.6km route encircles Great Cumbrae’s central hilltop territory and consequently offers spectacular views across to Arran and Bute

This tour is 2.8 miles long, please allow at least 35 minutes to complete it, excluding the time taken to enjoy the destinations along the way.

Starting at Crocodile Rock, the trail follows the B899 past the Glaid Stone which marks Cumbrae’s highest point. On the return loop, make sure to pause and enjoy the wonders of the Cathedral of the Isles (Britain’s smallest working cathedral)

What you'll see

Crocodile Rock - Isle of Cumbrae

Nature & Wildlife

Crocodile Rock is an iconic Millport landmark.

05 The Cumbrae

The Glaid Stone - Great Cumbrae

Scenic Views

The naturally occurring Glaid Stone marks the highest point of Great Cumbrae at 417ft.

05 The Cumbrae

Cumbrae Standing Stone - Great Cumbrae

History & Heritage

This is Cumbrae's sole standing stone though there are records of two more nearby. I

05 The Cumbrae

Cathedral of the Isles - Great Cumbrae

History & Heritage

The Cathedral of the Isles is one of two cathedrals in the Diocese of Argyll and The Isles, and is a part of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

05 The Cumbrae