9th December 2022

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Starring the wonderful Jane McCarry, Mark Cox, Jimmy Chisholm, Lee Samuel, Shannon Swan and James Dawoud. Hitch a lift on our magic carpet for a roller coaster ride of thrills and spills to the faraway fairytale pantomime kingdom of Greenock! Can true love blossom between the poor and penniless Aladdin, and the streetwise sassy Princess Jasmine? Will Widow Twankey be able to escape her ailing, failing laundry, and go from being Manky Twankey to Swanky Twankey? Will Wishee Washee ever be able to tell his left from his right to become Aladdin’s right hand man? Can the Spirit of the Ring guide Aladdin to the Cave Of Wonders and the magic lamp, where Wee Jeannie is snuggled inside with three wishes up her sleeve? And can our heroes stop the evil sorcerer, Abanazar, getting his hands on the lamp, and taking over the world, the galaxy, the universe…and Inverclyde?
19:00 - Friday 9th December
11:00 - Saturday 10th December
15:00 - Saturday 10th December
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13:00 - Sunday 11th December
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Beacon Arts Centre