Aida - Giuseppe Verdi - Russian State Opera

16th February 2023

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A deeply moving opera overflowing with emotion and containing moments of despair and uncertainty. Aida is an unforgettable, inspiring experience. With the music of Giuseppe Verdi, sung in Italian with English surtitles, Russian State Opera once again guarantees to delight you with sumptuous sets and splendid costumes and their performance of a brand-new production of Aida featuring an impressive cast and accompanied by a large live Orchestra. Aida is a gripping love story that will keep you on the edge of your seats until the very end. Verdi brings the ancient Egypt on stage with evolving love story at the backdrop of war. The princess of Ethiopia (Aida) falls in love with the Egyptian General (Radames) and he is also besotted by her. Radames is chosen to lead the war with Ethiopia by the king and Aida is left to choose between her lover or her father and her country. The aria such as ‘Se quel Guerrier io fossi!’ sung by Radames in the first act is one of the most famous arias of the operatic world. The most powerful melody comes in the second part of the Opera in the form of Triumphal March to highlight victory and triumph. Aida is a timeless and emotional opera with breath-taking melodies. ‘A boon to the opera in regional theatres’ - The Stage
19:30 - Thursday 16th February
Gaiety Theatre