A Fairy's Tale

1st April 2023

Every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the event information but we recommend contacting the event organisers before attending.

It is the Year of the Acorn and a terrible misfortune has befallen the Fairy Kingdom of Kelburn, the dastardly Ice Knight has been freezing the wings of the fairies so that they shatter when they try to fly. Without their wings, the fairies cannot perform the magic of Spring and the world will be trapped in everlasting Winter. Will you join Prince Comfrey, Centaurius the Centipede, Inkcap the Mushroom, Tumble the Fawn and Fleabane the hideous Glumpbane to defeat the dastardly Ice Knight? A Fairy's Tale lasts approx 1 hour and includes entry to the Secret Forest, as well as Easter games and quests.
10:30 - Saturday 1st April
10:30 - Sunday 2nd April
10:30 - Monday 3rd April
10:30 - Tuesday 4th April
10:30 - Wednesday 5th April
10:30 - Thursday 6th April
10:30 - Friday 7th April
10:30 - Saturday 8th April
10:30 - Sunday 9th April
10:30 - Monday 10th April
10:30 - Tuesday 11th April
10:30 - Wednesday 12th April
10:30 - Thursday 13th April
10:30 - Friday 14th April
10:30 - Saturday 15th April
10:30 - Sunday 16th April
Kelburn Castle and Country Centre